About Us - The Corporate Profile


Founded in 1976 Commerce Benefits Group has become one of America's leading third party administrators (TPA). Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, CBG supplies administrative services for corporate clients nationwide.


Commerce is a leader in the TPA technology race offering complete internet access and web-based reporting for both our brokers and our clients. The claims processing system boasts 24-hour scanning technology, instant real time PPO repricing and complete auto adjudication of claims


As a professional claims administration organization, we have the experience, resources and integrity to implement and maintain benefit programs that are right for you and your group.


CBGs commitment to technology and quality claims administration has earned the recognition of many large and highly credible corporations nationally.

Our Mission - Our Promise


At Commerce Benefits Group, we choose to be trustworthy, honest, respectful, dependable and as a team, we will assist and encourage each other and our customers.


We promise to provide high quality services at competitive prices. Commerce Benefits Group will design products and services tailored to the needs of our clients, their employees and families with a steadfast commitment to superior customer service.